Preserving and Maximizing Wealth
Before and During Retirement

Welcome to VestaEdge

        “VestaEdge is more transparent, and you can customize it according to expectations in future years.”
                              Ann Herrero, CFP®, CTFA, CDFATM
Financial Advisor ~ Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
        “VestaEdge is a very useful modeling tool…we use it to assess the long term value of converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in a client’s total portfolio based on current account balances, future income streams and projected expenses.”
                              Bradley Robinson, CFA, FRM
Research Analyst/Associate Portfolio Manager ~ Sheffield Investment Management, LLC

Thank you for your interest in VestaEdge — an exciting and new approach to retirement planning currently in development and soon to be introduced to the financial advisory marketplace.

VestaEdge provides unique financial planning software that empowers consumers and financial advisors to preserve and maximize savings wealth before and during retirement.

From a blog by Bill Borton, a retirement risk management specialist and strategist, and Managing Principal at W.R. Borton & Associates:

Optimizing Retirement Income to Live Better, Longer

As “baby boomers” continue to retire in record numbers, the focus is on retirement income and expense management as retirees draw down on their accumulated wealth. VestaEdge’s unique solutions leverage the proven power of optimization to create plans for both financial advisors and individual consumers to preserve assets, maximize savings wealth, and optimize withdrawals.

The advantages of using VestaEdge include:

  • Optimizing retirement plan withdrawals
  • Using decumulation strategies to improve asset accumulation strategies
  • Maximizing savings wealth for a growing number of retirees
  • Driving knowledge and better informed decisions
  • Streamlining services with VestaEdge’s one-stop retirement hub

VestaEdge is designed to help individuals work with their financial planners to maximize their savings wealth. If you do not have a financial planner who currently uses VestaEdge, contact us and we will recommend an authorized financial planner.