About VestaEdge

VestaEdge was founded to fill a need in the financial planning space, that of tax optimized asset decumulation.

VestaEdge is developing a SaaS-based software platform – the product of 10 years of research and development by Dr. Lew Coopersmith, who created a unique solution that leverages linear programming optimization techniques and complex algorithms to help maximize wealth in retirement.

The result – after considering assets, income sources, expenses and other key financial variables – is an optimized withdrawal plan which informs investment strategies before and during retirement to further enhance wealth and thus quality of life. The VestaEdge platform supports both pre- and post-retirement planning.

To learn more about linear programming, decumulation, and Dr. Coopersmith’s work, read the following articles, references, and conference presentations in academic and respected peer-review journals validating VestaEdge’s methods for over a decade: