Norman Meni, Executive Director

Norman Meni has more than 15 years experience in the IT field and is an expert in the field of designing and testing operational procedures that support the introduction of new technology in high profile user groups. Norman was co-founder of a company that specialized in the enhancement of trading and business systems for financial services and insurance companies. Among many projects was the integration of vendor services for a new trading system for Kellogg Group, a NYSE Specialist firm. The company was charged with upgrading their current ETF mode of operations by building a robust calculator application designed to compute real-time prices. Business analysis, programming per client requirements, the testing of trading software and auditing trading algorithms for compliance with NYSE and SEC rules and regulations, policies and procedures including statistical analyses of transactional data were some of the company’s responsibilities.

At the NYSE’s Market Surveillance division, Norman led a team in the testing and analysis of the initial implementation of the Hybrid trading system which preceded the present electronic platform. He created data packages for member firm audits using data extraction software and developed custom technical and procedural documents for proprietary applications. Prior to entering the technology field, Norman was involved in a number of entrepreneurial endeavors. He owned and operated a successful chain of retail Factory Outlet stores throughout the United States. He introduced a new product to the US market where he was responsible for its entire lifecycle, from patent procurement, contracts, manufacturing, marketing, and finally to distribution and delivery.

Norman holds a degree in Economics from Queens College, NYC.