Addressing a Market Need

VestaEdge offers optimized financial planning software solutions to empower consumers and financial advisors to maximize their wealth and better manage income streams and household expenses. The software was developed to offer a better alternative to common and generic withdrawal rules. In addition, Vesta can be customized to interface seamlessly and securely with current software platforms, including financial reporting, client statements and asset management systems.

Current decumulation plans do not consider maximizing long-term wealth and are limited in scope since they frequently assume the following common rules:

  • The initial withdrawal of 4% of assets, increased annually by inflation
  • The withdrawal of taxable savings first, then tax-deferred, then tax-free
  • Generic rules largely ignore the tax impact

As each and every account is unique and complex many variables must be considered, such as:

  • Different tax treatments and Rates Of Return (ROR)
  • Lifestyle expenses should be planned independently of taxes
  • Withdrawals must cover projected taxes, not just lifestyle expenses
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) must be satisfied

We at VestaEdge see our solution as a significant opportunity for investors and retirees to increase their portfolio valuation and preserve their assets over specified financial planning periods. Vesta affords financial advisors the ability to help their clients make more informed investment decisions.

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