The Benefits

Significant Increases in Wealth Over Common Rules

  • The VestaEdge platform assures that no plan other than the resulting plan provides greater wealth growth — 50% and more is not uncommon

Results Graph

Benefits to Consumers

  • Better planning and management of pre-retirement assets
  • Increase in wealth; current assets last longer and provide more income available for future expenses
  • Instant answers to "what-if" scenarios
  • Improved quality of life before and during retirement
  • Mathematically tax-optimized withdrawal plan
  • Increase in end-of-life wealth transfer

Benefits to Financial Firms

When adopted by financial advisory firms, the VestaEdge solution will help their business continually grow and achieve improved financial results. Listed below are some of the tangible and quantifiable benefits our solution offers.

  • Additional and unique value-added service for existing clients
  • Increase in wallet share of existing clients; potential for additional fee revenue
  • Increase in assets under management
  • Instant results provide an effective quality interaction with the client
  • Client acquisition/retention
  • Unique competitive advantage