The Solution

VestaEdge offers an innovative financial planning solution that can be used by consumers and financial advisors to help increase the long-term value of their portfolios, maximizing wealth before and during retirement.

Our unique software, employing true mathematical optimization techniques, can:

  • Determine an optimized decumulation plan, i.e., best draw-down plan
  • Incorporate projected future returns into the solution
  • Support all major asset types, including Roth accounts and conversions
  • Support user-specified living expenses and RORs
  • Enable accurate estimation of federal taxes for each year of the plan; these include all tax brackets, itemized or standard deductions, exemptions, tax on Social Security, required minimum distributions (RMDs), long term capital gains, and more.

Among the many capabilities and features of Vesta are: real-time results, aggregation, advanced analytics (e.g., client, firm, industry data), customizability, and Monte Carlo technology that can accurately measure the risk of exhausting funds corresponding to a Vesta-determined withdrawal plan.

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